501 Beauty Queen (revolutionjewel) wrote in mibitch,
501 Beauty Queen

ok im new and i wanna vent! this weekend everyone wants to go to this El sol place right? its a club/bar well i was like whos gonna be smoking on the way in the car? and i want amanda and cassie to smoke w/ me, i hate smoking alone with other people i dont know, like i dont care, but i just want them to smoke too...i dunno...ugh..i just feel like its gonna be like Amanda is gonna wish shes not there like ALWAYS and shes gonna want to go home...and i asked her that and shes like no but when it gets to the point when everyone is smoking and we get to the club shes not going to want to be there i know it....anmd we're going in 1 car because they are gonna be smoking....and amanda wants to take MY car and i dont wanna take mine cause im gonna be fucked...i just had to vent its aggervating when people break plans and dont go through w/ it and when people are so fucked up ...everyone sucks! i wanna move...i want my own house...i wanna leave this shithole..im sick of my parents im sick of this house..im sick of being here im sick of working ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh udfijafkldjas;lfjdka;jfklda; im sick of fucked up lil girls who run their mouths im sick of girls who dont do anything because "my boyfriend doesn't want me to" im sick of everything and everyone!! "everything gets old everyone is DULL" k thats all btw im michele im 18.. in alabama
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