Snosberry (snosberry) wrote in mibitch,

Fucked up

mmm I wanna get fucked up! i would like to smoke or maybe roll but errr i dunno! bein broke kinda leaves me in the state that i shouldnt. Last weekend i drank and took 7 ephedrines. aggg i was so sick the next day i felt like i rolled the night before. I couldnt eat, i hadnt slept all night and i felt out of it. I ended up goin home and goin to bed at 5 in the afternoon. Fuck should have rolled then. We tryed to get beer but it was 2:05 and they stop at 2 so we went to geroges house and stole all his beer went back and only had like 2 lol...bla I WANNA BET FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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